A little too much misinformation on twitter about mangoes.
So let me share 5 facts.
1. Indian mangoes are the BEST.
2. Mangoes come from India. Indians have been eating mangoes for 4,000 years. Everywhere else? They got their mangoes from India... 1/4 https://twitter.com/RobertsonMorgan/status/1250296322692771840
3. India has the largest variety, largest area, largest number of mangoes.
4. Among Indian mangoes, people can disagree over Alphonso, Chaunsa, Kesar, Dussera. But it is not just the sweetness. Langra are the best among Indian mangoes...2/4
5. Every mango has on it the name of the person who will eat it (Paraphrasing Ghalib). If you have not eaten mangoes in India during the summer - each variety is only available for a few weeks - you need to do it if that is the only thing on your bucket list... 3/4
6. It is only nationalist parochialism that leads you to defend any mango variety that does not come from India (and maybe Pakistan).
7. Now, I have to go for a zoom meeting for which I am late. But this was too important to wait for the meeting to be over. n/end
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