1. New @StatCan_eng study by Marc Frenette, Kristyn Frank and Zechuan Deng on ability of families to cope with school closures (thread)
2. Most children have access to internet at home, but not all (note: this number includes internet access via a mobile phone).
3. The greater issue is lack of devices. Are any organizations collecting old-but-servicable laptops and giving them to kids in need? Asking for all those kids struggling to get access to the family computer.
4. (b.t.w., @StatCan_eng, it's "fewer than" for discrete objects like devices, "less than" for continuous variables)
5. In almost a quarter of lower-income households, only internet access is through the internet. This is why it's so important that phone companies waive charges for data overages during the pandemic (end thread).
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