We want our Papermaker student-athletes to have information to make the best decision in regards to college athletic eligibility and their core course GPA. Currently the NCAA rule in regards to Pass/Fail grades reads that a “P” will equate to the lowest passing grade the (cont.)
School offers to their core course GPA. For CHS this would equate to a “D” on their NCAA eligibility transcript. On Monday April 13th, the NCAA eligibility center released the following statement: (cont.)
“The Eligibility Center understands that it will need to adjust its policy on pass/fail grading, given that about half of the nation’s high schools will be going to pass/fail grading. The NCAA’s intent is to not disadvantage students based on COVID-19. The adjusted policy (cont.)
Will be released in one to two weeks, and will apply to students in grades 8-12 who receive pass/fail grades in core courses. The adjusted policy will be available on the Clearinghouse’s website and will be e-mailed to registered parents, high school administrators, and SA.
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