THREAD 1/8 👇🏿
We ask the Home Secretary to urgently save lives by implementing the following clear and coherent policy to make the asylum system a safe haven for as long as this pandemic lasts and, ideally, the basis of a proper support system thereafter. #COVID19
2/8 Automatic entry to destitute new arrivals and those seeking support after being refused asylum.
3/8 Reinstate full support for all those that are classed as “over-stayers” in asylum accommodation.
4/8 Increase financial support to mainstream benefit levels, adding the UC standard allowance increase.
5/8 Suspend asylum support Breach of Conditions policy during this Covid-19 pandemic; and
6/8 Order, publish and urgently implement a public health assessment of asylum accommodation.
7/8 All immigration detainees must be immediately released, with the option of suitable asylum accommodation, so they have continued access to their current legal rep., and wider supports.
8/8 All those recognised as refugees must automatically remain on full asylum support until they have been successfully moved onto full social security provision.
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