Brazilian Formula E champ @LucasdiGrassi is building much safer far-UVC sterilizers & donating them to local hospitals. On a robot they could disinfect public bathrooms, schools, shops & airports... 👏 @roborace @elonmusk @iRobot @BostonDynamics
The study @scientific reports conducted by @Columbia Medical Center showed far-UVC light destroys aerosolized H1N1 influenza particles 🦠...
Scientists have known for decades that UV light is highly effective at destroying viruses by destroying their DNA & RNA 🧬. However, its widespread use is limited because conventional UVC can cause skin cancer & cataracts...
Far-UVC light at 222 nm can penetrate air droplets (e.g. from a cough) but NOT the outer dead-cell layer of human skin 🖐 or water covering the eye 👁, so it’s much less a health hazard. But because viruses 🦠 are much smaller than human cells, far-UVC can destroy them...
The scientists show how far-UVC could be used to safely sterilize air and surfaces in planes, cruise ships and buildings...✈️ 🏥 🛳 👏  @roborace #FormulaE #COVID19
The far-UVC study @Columbia was run by David Welch, an American businessman and research scientist. Welch is a pioneer in optical devices and telecom networks. He has more than 250 published articles and 125 patents. 🇺🇸 ingenuity 👏
Note: This is a prototype. Not yet far-UV but will be in later models.
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