You can check my maths. The great crescendo.
A two year Brexit extension takes us to January 2023.

The latest possible date for the next election is December 2024. It's very unlikely to be in winter again, and spring is favourite. may or June.
So by this reckoning, we will finally get to the end of the Brexit process about 12 to 18 months before the next election.
Which means that by next election we are still going to be dealing with the economic consequences of Brexit, and probably this virus as well.
It's very unlikely Johnson can win the next election from that position, and certainly not by promising even more damage with Brexit.
Which leaves his party torn apart by the loonies again.
All that has to happen at the next election is for Labour and the Lib Dems to win 50 seats between them.
And that ill be the end of the United Kingdom
Because Scotland will vote for independence the next chance they get.
And I don't see Englishmen even remotely coming to terms with what they've done to their country.
You still see these Englishmen thinking their going to have an English gentleman's Brexit. Fuckwit doesn't even begin to describe this delusion.
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