We are a small startup and through the lockdown, we have been just 2 people manning the entire operation to provide the supply of essential services without putting any third party service providers at risk.
Every week we disinfect our vehicles, we regularly wash our masks and gloves and obsessively use sanitizer before and after every single delivery.
We applied for permission to provide services at the very beginning of the lockdown and got a very prompt positive response from Pune Police by mail and sms. Later we also received QR codes when the system for QR codes started.
Our work puts us in close proximitywith farmers, and we have also started initiatives to help farmers to sell their crop and provide vegetables to the needy in shelters run by DICC, Gurudwara, with support from Shivajinagar Police and the team by Siddharth Shirole.
On our website we are helping farmers with excess produce sell their crop while also allowing customers to get home delivery of produce without leaving their building.
With extension of the lockdown, we have come to know that some farmers did not get extended permit. Application was rejected. If farmers do not get permit how will they sell their crop! Everybodyin the city is complaining about shortageof produce. We are tryingto help.
Also out of our two vehicles, only one got an extension, other is pending. With half capacity we will take extra time to finish our duty. We have designed our logistics to have minimum travel while providing support to farmers, customers, vendors.
We are two people. We have seen the police work very hard on the street every day. They are polite and respectful. Please allow us to also do our duty. We wish to make the lockdown successful.
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