Supporting the national aspirations of one group while vehemently opposing the aspirations of another is hypocritical. And hypocrisy to the detriment of Jews will always be functionally anti-Semitic.

Per my own observations, most people tend to fall into one of two categories: anti-nationalists, and equal opportunity nationalists. To be an anti-nationalist is to oppose all forms of nationalism indiscriminately, irrespective of their merit.
To be an equal opportunity nationalist is to support (or at least accept) the self-determination of all groups, inasmuch as they request or need it.
The rest of society falls into a third category: selective nationalists. These are folks who support national rights for some groups while, for whatever reason (usually racism/ethnic prejudice, or religion), bitterly opposing these same rights for others.
Anti-Zionists, almost without exception - 95–98% would be a sound estimate - fall under this third category (with the remaining 2–5% of anti-Zionists falling under “anti-nationalists”).
They are perfectly OK with the existence of Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Italy, France, Afghanistan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, every country on Earth *except the Jewish one*.
The problems inherent in this position hardly need spelling out, but there are too many people who just don’t get it. So, without further ado…
1. It fails to treat Jews as equals - If nationalism only bothers you when it’s Jews who are doing it, you’re an antisemite. Period. There is absolutely no room for debate on that point.
To single out Jewish nationalism as uniquely illegitimate vis a vis all others is to concede that your entire worldview is premised on a supposition of Jewish "inferiority" to non-Jews. That’s antisemitism. The textbook definition of it, no less.
2. It ignores our needs as a collective - Zionism was our response to centuries of exile from Israel and harrowing persecution as strangers in foreign lands. That status quo may have been fine for everybody else, but it wasn’t fine for us. And we are NOT going through that again.
Self-determination in Israel is the only assurance we have that we never will, and it’s the only restitution we have for what is perhaps the longest and oldest colonial injustice in human history.
3. It shows indifference to Jewish well-being - In conjunction with number 2, undoing the justice of Zionism and taking away the only means we have of defending ourselves is clear indication that you don’t care all that much (or at all) about Jewish lives.
Anti-Zionists in general are totally OK with throwing us back into exile and indirectly causing the death/displacement of millions. They either blithely assume that we’ll be just fine so long as "go home to Brooklyn or Poland or wherever", or they just do not care.
4. It is a movement built on lies - Antisemites lying about Jews is nothing new, but you can always measure the moral worth of a movement by how honest it is. Anti-Zionists, in their zeal to disguise this Jew-hate as “progressive”, have consistently failed this test.
Above all, for non-Jews to appoint themselves the arbiters of our fate - with little to no concern shown for our own perspectives, fears, and needs - is fundamentally oppressive. We are not cargo. We are not the world’s logistics problem. We are human beings.
You can’t ask us to sit idly by while our “betters” haggle over where we can live, who will take us in, and the allotment of Jews they will accept. No one has any right to demand that of us, and no one in their right mind ever would.
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