Before our #DilSeSidNaaz
randomly we get a unseen clip of Sid about Sat off
Then Just for fun some of us strated tag SidSatoffNhitha then some solos asked Team Sid to stop
She requested & which misjudged & ever1 start targeting her
Opportunists took advantage &
Start bhadkauing her against #SidNaaz fandom she revert back & argument continues
Then after looking all this fight to stop & start positivity
Started trend which was successful & didn't go well with haters
Again next morning Bajwa Sir posted
Something to avoid fights that we shd control SNIT
Then one account posted it same
& #SidNaaz fandom start arguing
& as revert back all fill the Sid & Sana IG post with that comments
Which definitely not go well with solos
& Many of us #SidNaazians
So due to which disagreement started & the result is we are fighting in our own fandom people
This thread is to tell u chronology how it all happened
& How haters are successful in diverting our focus from #BhulaDunga & dividing #SidNaaz fandom
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