Thread: At times of great crisis, the world needs more penguins.

I spend a lot of time drawing Harry, Larry, Carrie, Parry & Barry the Penguins for my two toddler nieces.

Now with my 50th Birthday celebration you can own two for a one-off €50 (£45). Take a look!
I think everyone should have access to original artwork so in order to celebrate my 50th birthday I’ve got a one-off amazing offer so that my work is available to everyone.

2 artworks €50(£45) in Europe
3 artworks €149(US$164) outside Europe & inclusive of courier delivery
Instructions for IRL, UK & Europe
1. Identify the works you want from my Etsy shop:
2. Message me with their names or screenshots
3. I create a unique listing for you on Etsy
4. You double check it & buy it
5. I confirm & ship

Little Blue Penguin (2020)
Instructions If you are based OUTSIDE the EU/UK
1. Identify the works you want
2. I create a listing for you
3. The listing will show your local currency & you buy
4. Provide me with a mobile (cell) telephone number for the courier
5. I confirm & ship

Penguin (2020)
The offer has been going for only 2 weeks & fits with my belief that everyone should have access to original artwork. I’ve already had orders from Switzerland to California.

Pink Penguin (2020)
Normally I sell individual drawings for €150 so it’s a pretty good deal to get two for just €50. The offer ends when I either run out of drawings, run out of packaging (due to the lockdown) or reach the 30th April.

The Determined Penguin (2020)
EU/UK shipments go via registered mail & shipping is €20/£17.50

The Singing King (2020)
Each work is in ink on paper & is A3 sized (11.7 x 16.4 inches; 29.7 x 42cm)

Adélie Penguin (2020)
Work will be shipped to one address & will be delivered by registered post. Due to the current lockdown there may be delays in shipping, but we can discuss.

A Penguin for Our Times (2020)
You can see the full range of works included here: but let me know in advance before u buy so I can create a specific listing for you with your choices.

A Hero (2020)
Of course I don’t want to be biased towards penguins. Other birds are available!

Two Puffins (2020)
An Irish Goldfinch (2020)
A Skomer Puffin (2020)
I’ve also got a broad range of other artwork including mindscapes, which are landscapes of the subconscious populated by symbols.

Youth (2020) & Once Upon a Time (2019)
Blessing (2020) & The Dreamer (2020)
Abutilons (2019) & Athena (2019)
Golden Wind Flowers (2019) & Empathy is King (2018)
In the Woods (2019) & A New Day (2019)
Woman with Columbines (2020) & Crocuses (2020)
The Gardener (2019) & The Truth will Set You Free (2020)
The Poet (2020) & The Dagda (2020)
The Blooming Girl (2020) & Girl with Red Helleborine Orchid (2019)
Please note that some works are gone already & it’s first come, first served. To see what’s available look at my Etsy:

If you see something that’s not listed in my shop but in this thread just ask!

Emperor Penguins (2020)
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