A sign of how things are progressing in Germany: Over the 4-day weekend the parks and sidewalks were absolutely jammed with people, but authorities declared on Thursday that they hadn't seen significant infractions and felt people were being sensible and safe all weekend
Reason for these restoration priorities may be because Germany has not found any instances of people becoming infected while shopping, using parks etc even if close. The study of hard-hit Heinsberg found infection happens only with longer-duration contact (ie apartments)
(It also suggests that one of the things that's caused infection rate in Berlin to plummet has been mass switch from public transit to private automobiles and other more isolated forms of transportation)
Update: majority federal opinion, per Tagessiegel, is that all shops of up to 800 sq m may reopen next Monday, including car & bike shops, booksellers, mobile phone shops and furniture stores.
(I'd think that the largest shops are better equipped to enforce 1.5m distance...)
(Bookshops stayed open in this particular city as they're considered an essential service, along with florists, food, liquor etc)
Outcome of German summit: Schools likely to open gradually starting May 4; mask wearing to be requested on public transit & retail; stores up to 800 sq metres to open; no major events until Aug 31; border controls with FR, AT, LU, DK, CH remain (BE/NL borders stay fully open)
(This consensus view seems to have a lot of dissent from many premiers, especially on the school-opening question -- likely each of the 16 states will approach this differently. Federalism is hard, but this is much more consensual than say the US way) https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/coronavirus-news-deutschland-1.4828033?referrer=push
Germany: "Strong recommendation" for masks on public transpo/supermakets does not mean people should wear medical or disposable masks -- "Everyday masks" (reusable) only, but "special masks that also protect the wearers themselves should be reserved for medical personnel"
Also: Hairdressers and barbers allowed to open on May 4.

Maybe I can hold out. My look has gradually evolved into a sort of 1972 Joe Namath, hair-wise
At the supermarket this morning, hardly anyone was following the “polite request” on masks in shops. Not even staff. Other distancing generally followed — people keeping 1.5m except when passing people etc. We’ll see soon how they’re complying on public transit.
As of Monday, Berliners will be required to "cover mouths & noses" on public transit- homemade mask or scarf (they don't want public wasting actual masks).
I've been on trams a lot in recent days and almost nobody followed Merkel's "strongly recommendation" to wear them
A Berliner friend explained that this non-mask wearing is not a show of defiance, but rather signals a very strong trust of government leaders: "People think, if she wants us to wear them she'll require it, if it's only a recommendation, it means we don't need to."
(Masks still just optional in supermarkets -- and all other shops, which are due to open tomorrow -- so evidently health authorities feel 1.5m distance can be maintained in shopping environments)
Theatres, operas and concert halls have to stay closed til end of season, then "concept for how to re-open will have to be worked out." That is going to be a challenge and a half, if $400 third-circle tickets aren't to be the result.
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