Someone pleaseee tell me when Aphmau starts to upload roleplays again, because I’m kind of tired of following her channel when it never has the content I subscribed for anymore... no hate, I just don’t need watered-down, hyper, exaggerated family friendly gameplay. I’m still
subbed to her channel bc I have hope that maybe one day, she’ll resume in diaries rebirth or even mystreet. Honestly tho, having to wait for so long is off putting for me and her gaming is getting old. Its main audience is children and I miss seeing more mature themes. I can’t
get the same stories that I’ve followed for so long anywhere else, and I don’t want to keep chasing something that will never be continued. False hope is awful. I wish I could say that I cared as much about it as I used to, but that spark was lost as she started to do hiatus
after hiatus, each one longer than the last. I appreciate her as a person and wish the best for her mental health, but I want a straight answer. At least if she said “I don’t know”, I wouldn’t have to chase. None of her videos indicate an answer. Any rp would do, but I especially
miss her main ones. Please let me know if you find out!!
(Sorry this thread is so long)
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