The Anambra index case's story is mind boggling; he arrived Lagos from another country and mingled with friends and family for two weeks. He started to feel sick and went to a Lagos hospital, those ones ordered a COVID-19 test for him. suspecting it will be positive,
I am reliably told he bribed the doctor (that doctor should be shot) and left the hospital before the test was confirmed. He then found his way to Anambra where he again mingled with friends and family this time knowing almost certainly he was infected. He fell ill again and went
to a hospital in Awka where he did not tell those ones his travel and medical history. It was at this Awka hospital NCDC personnel tracked him down to and accosted him. How many people has this nuisance infected across state lines now?
I pity the poor medical personnel in the Awka hospital. Should this guy not be jailed if and when he makes a recovery?
©Ajagzy Asegun
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