an au where mew, gulf and you grew up together before mewgulf inevitably started dating, and you became their designated thirdwheel. this is you documenting their relationship :

04. 12. 14 : surprise birthday party for gulf! mew wanted to invite the entire college,, this boy-
26. 09. 15 : group assignments at gulf's house. I swear I do all the actual work while these two "play around",,, ma, i hate it here.
12. 08. 16 : mew's graduation :)
24. 12. 16 : mew's sister's wedding glimpses.
04. 02. 17 : mew and gulf's first dinner in their new apartment,, why am i even here? i'm nothing but air-
07. 05. 17 : a new member to the family. mew & gulf adopted a puppy ! they are stuck between Chopper & Luffy as the two name choices,, hmm. I vote for Luffy, Gulf likes Chopper better. let's see what Mew votes for-
01. 01. 18 : surprise ! mewgulf got engaged on NYE ! today we all went to get blessings for their new journey together !
04. 12. 18 : i'm starting to think that one of the main problems of marrying your best friend is that you have to share your bachelor party, they don't seem to mind though,, i mean it's mewgulf after all
26. 01. 19 : wedding day and reception. i'm crying as I take these,,, my best friends got married and they're beautiful together.
teehee ! found some old polaroids from the first year of college. these were taken before they started dating ! dates unknown.
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