Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was among the clerics who gave a call for Hijrat, after WW 1, since the Caliphate had fallen and India, ruled by infidel British, was Dar-ul-Harb, all Indian Muslims must try and immigrate to Afghanistan, which was Dar-ul-Aman. Thousands of Muslims /1
shifted to Afghanistan. They found their new location inhospitable and their new neighbors not very well-disposed towards them. At great hardship and economic loss, they almost all returned to India. The men who gave this call - Maulana Azad, Mohammed Ali, Abdul Majeed Sindhi /2
and Moulana Abdul Bari Feringhee didn't see fit to lead their flock. After Partition, Moulana Azad was made the First Education Minister of India, a post he held till 1958. Moulana Azad was not a product of the British educational system. He was home-schooled in languages /3
mathematics, science and was a scholar of jurisprudence in various schools - Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali. All his academic publications related to interpretation of Sharia and Islamic corpus for temporal and spiritual questions /END
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