DACA has allowed immigrants who lack legal status to work and study without fear of deportation
The Trump admin. has fought to end the program; and in June, the US Supreme Court will announce its decision to allow the shutdown or side with lower courts that kept DACA going (2/7)
Legal organizations are asking the justices to take into account the current pandemic. These immigrants "are essential to protect communities across the country endangered by COVID-19. Terminating the program during this national emergency would be catastrophic," they write (4/7)
"Losing more employees would cause major failures to the health system,” Ana Cueva, a DACA recipient and nurse, says.
Despite the constant fear of getting sick, Cueva says that she won't stop helping those who need it. (5/7) [photo of Ana]
With the existing health care personnel shortage, Aldo Martinez says he "can't imagine" losing thousands of workers.
"Not to mention those who put food in the markets, those who cook food in restaurants, those who clean in hospitals, those who work in the postal service" (6/7)
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