Picking a fight with Dr. Tam is the obvious issue, sure. However, this 3min clip undermines his own argument multiple times. Kenney attempts to ~subtly discredit Dr. Tam by comparing her statements to public health authorities working IN TANDEM with her. #abpoli #ableg /1 https://twitter.com/pnpcbc/status/1249829272669339649
Kenney repeatedly tries to assert that ~Alberta will not ‘wait to play catch up’, knowing full well our own CMOH, Dr. Hinshaw, & medical experts participating in clinical trials, are operating under regulations and best practice established by PHC. /2
His phrasing implies that cabinet/the Premier can unilaterally authorize the use of new medical treatments as safe and effective - a concerning assertion in its own right - as if they posses the skills and qualifications required to do so. /3 #ableg #abpoli
When pressed, Kenney states he does “respect” PHC, Dr. Tam, and believes she is qualified - but then follows up by trying to use statements made in early Jan as examples of her inadequacy? So which is it? /4 #ableg #abpoli #abhealth
And if Kenney is implying that he/his cabinet are qualified to make decisions about treatment in a NOVEL viral pandemic, then I’d be looking to see his expert commentary from Jan 2020 that would rank him above Dr. Tam or any other CMOHs as proof, since that’s his argument. /5
Kenney is also intentionally trying to blur the lines between political decisions and public health recommendations. Dr. Tam does not get to decide if and when we close our borders. No public health official has made definitive statements on that subject prior to government. /6
This is so unnecessary and selfish. It’s bad governance. It erodes public trust. And most importantly, these assertions demonstrate a lack of respect, value, and deference we owe those who are literally putting their lives at risk to save ours. He should stay in his lane/at home.
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