Lots of friends are asking about the best foods one can consume on a regular basis to boost immunity. I would love to write a detailed post on that. But not just now as I am held up with a ton of pending work!

So thought I could do a photo thread, with short notes instead! ☺️🙏
Let me start with this. Taambulam leafs. Or Paan leafs. You can eat them raw, make a juice. We also make a keerai thogayal or put it in Daal, just like any other greens!

They do wonders with blood purification and more. 🙏☺️
Next comes fresh Ginger! You can chop/grate and eat it with just about anything (all curries) you cook! Or if you can drink it's raw juice, even better! Or boli it to make fresh Ginger chai!

Reduces any kind of inflammation. Keeps you alert. ☺️🙏
Next is probably the best natural source of Vitamin C! Amla! Nellikai/ ఉసిరికాయ/ Gooseberry! 😍

You can eat them raw, juice them, eat them as pickles, or mix in rice! Any which way! Eat them everyday if possible!

They do miracles to your system! ☺️🙏
Then comes the wonderful ancient spice of India! Black pepper! 😍

If you can substitute all your intake of spice with this, it is best! Far healthier than red and green chilli which cause acidity!

You can have tender peppercorns too! Pickle them in lemon juice!🙏☺️
Yet another ancient beauty across civilizations!

Honey! The best of natural sweeteners! 😍

Add it over any food or in green tea. Substitute for the dreadful white sugar!

Avoid heating it! Or freezing it. It is best stocked in a glass jar or a traditional jaadi. ☺️🙏
There are many diabetics who cannot consume honey. For them, a brilliant natural sweetener is Licorice root. Also called Athimadhuram in Ayurveda.

It can be powdered and used like regular sugar. It will take some time to get used to the taste. But far healthier than sugar!🙏☺️
In Ayurveda, when any prescription says oil, it generally means fresh Sesame oil. Til ka tel, Gingelly oil/ Nallennai.

Probably the only oil applicable both externally & internally on the human body on a regular basis! You can cook with it. Consume it raw! Huge immunity booster!
Next comes Pure Cow Ghee! Worth its weight in gold! Shines with a golden colour too!😍

Not buffalo Ghee!

Don't listen to Westerners who tell you it is cholesterol blah blah! It is excellent for your digestive system, even better for strengthening your bones, joints etc.☺️🙏
Next comes Turmeric! Another brilliant immunity booster! 😍

We use the dry powder in most of our cooking. Even otherwise, the fresh root can be eaten as curry, pickled or made into delicious juice! Or just boiled in milk!

Now Firangs are patenting Turmeric Latte! 😏

Another spice less used, but full of brilliant immunity boosting qualities is Ajwain. Carom seeds. Also called Vomam or Karpooravalli.

You can just boil them and drink the water. Or add in curries etc. Even the juicy thick leaf is edible and tasty!

Very effective! ☺️🙏
Next comes Tamarind! 😍

Not too much. But it can be consumed in limited quantities. You can have it raw or ripe. Soak it in water, pulp or juice it. Add a pinch of jaggery powder and drink. Paanakam keeps you cool.

Nothing like a fresh Pulihodarai! Or Gojju from this! 😍🙏
Have you heard of Arasi Thippali? The long pepper! Pippallu!

Far more effective to fight colds, coughs etc, than regular pepper also?!

If not, you must have this! Keeps your immunity up!

Roast it, powder it. Use it regularly. It is more pungent than regular pepper. ☺️🙏
Continuing the thread. We take one of the most commonly used spice in the Indian kitchen - The highly underrated Jeera! Cumin. Jeerakam.

Has a ton of good properties. Eat it regularly. Or boil in water and drink. Jeera -water does wonders to your system! ☺️🙏
Next comes Methi. Vendhyam. Menthulu. Usually avoided because it is bitter, it is a brilliant spice!

Dry-roast and powder, stock it. Or soak in water few hours and eat. Or make a Podi for Idli etc.

Keeps your immunity up. Controls your sugar levels. Many more qualities.☺️🙏
The humble curry leaf! Kadipatta! Does wonders to your hair and skin. ☺️

In South India, we use it a lot in all our cooking. Even otherwise, it can be consumed raw. Or boiled in water and juiced. Any which way, this is a great medicine! Grows easy in different soil also! ☺️🙏
Another exotic spice. Actually a plant based resin. Hing! Asafoetida.🤩

Does wonders to your system.

Please be aware of what is sold in the market. You will find 'Compounded' Hing. Which means they've added liberal doses of Maida or wheat flour!😷 Get only the pure Hing ☺️🙏
The next is one of my favourite! Bitter Citron! Or Nathangai! 🤩😋

This is very different from the lemon or orange. You can eat it raw, juice it, pickle it and more! Even the leafs are edible! Has brilliant immunity boosting qualities!

We brine them in salt and sundry them! 🙏
Ok! This is something I personally don't eat much. Very rarely and in exceptional cases. But I cannot deny the great medicinal properties it holds!


Used in a lot of our Indian cooking. Great for treating diabetes, BP, issues related to bad sinuses and more.

Next is fresh coriander! 🤩 Dhaniya!

You can eat its fresh leaf, or dry seeds, powdered or roasted. Or just drink its fresh juice! In addition to flavouring your food, it has great medicinal properties.

I love using a few fresh leafs in almost everything! 😋

The next is Sweet Potato! 😍

The healthier and more nutritious and delicious brother of the regular potato!

Rich in fibre and filling, you can boil it, roast it, fry it, steam it, make soups, curries and more! 😋
Next is another favourite spice! Cloves! Lavangam! 🤩

A brilliant medicine for all dental problems! Big immunity booster!

Chew it raw, or use powder in tea, or in food. Any which way, regular consumption does great things to your system!

The next is my personal favourite! I know everyone is going to hate it because it is bitter, but let me tell you, it works wonders! Your immunity shoots up immediately!

Neem! Eat its leaf, boiled or steamed. Or juice them. I love them raw! Even the flowers are delicious!😍
Again... this isn't something I personally eat much. But the health benefits of onions are immense, especially in the Summers.

They cool your system, detoxify, help if you have hypertension and so on.

I prefer the small ones which are used in Sambar. ☺️🙏
If you have the patience to source it, currently in season, nothing like it!

Fresh Neem flowers! 😍😍😍

Vepampoo... absolutely brilliant! For a number of ailments! Excellent immunity booster!

Yes, it is bitter! And you can make many things out of it! From chutney to Rasam!😋
Come winters and we have excellent oranges! Great source of fibre and vitamin C! They help fight all seasonal colds and boost your immunity!

Consume them as fruit, or as juice or any which way, they will never harm you! ☺️🙏
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