2020 through the eyes of an armyzen (a thread)
this is an ongoing thread for my fellow armyzens to be able to look back at everything that happened this year<3333
started the year with a bts making history
also! the 31st we got kunstagram!
and this iconic winwin pic to start off the new year
we also got these really cute vids from the boys🥺
january 4/5th we got this ten look👀
we got this iconic video with this moment
honorable mention: i know it’s not bts or nct related but on the 13th we discovered that chen from exo was getting married AND expecting a baby
jungwoo updated us the 24th and babyboy is back and better than ever
nct gifted us dreams come true on the 26th
great day
bts once again makes history at the grammys
let’s take a moment
superm content
the 29th we got this amazing black swan performance at the james corden show https://twitter.com/zingerone95/status/1222405972737396736/video/1
along with this moment that we most never forget
the 30th
bighit released these on the 1st
the dreamies🥺
on 02/02/20 we also got outro: ego by hobi!!
and since i had to mess it up somehow, i forgot to mention that we got interlude: shadow on 01/09/20 and it changed the whole world
taeyong released his Paris In The Rain freestyle😳
also this selca
winwin later blessed us with the invention of comedy
and on that 11th we received this which had a lot of people shaking
and on that 11th...
also! hendery instagram!
the 14th
everyone was freaking out
the track videos are released!
everyone knew sit down was going to be soty
and that same 19th yangyang was featured on a IMLAY song called asteroid and he showed us all how multitalented he is
connect bts
model jeno
also the 20th we got this track video and it changed my life😳
7 was about to be released
on february 21st MOTS: 7 was released and i can confidently say that was one of the best days on twt
listening to the songs at the same time and listening to we are bulletproof: the eternal for the first time was a moment
we also got model jaemin that day!
press conference
bts on jimmy
i love these
ten got to celebrate his birthday in paris with superm🥺
officially announced
ten tattoo
ARMYZENS THIS WAS OUR TIME https://twitter.com/Omegi82/status/1234014056354369538/video/1
“fixed unit”
203004 kick it mv is out and we are blessed with the song of the century
at the same time nct dropped the kick it mv, bts also released the black swan mv by surprise!
looking back at it, march 4th should be a national holiday because we also got yuta, jaehyun and johnny insta!
5th https://twitter.com/kunglorious/status/1235487011659747328/video/1
March 6th Neo Zone is released and nct 127 created world peace
then lucas posted this
200308 armyzens won once again with this jaehyun and jungkook interaction, that 5 second hug and butt slap had my tl screaming
on 200310 nct made history by attending the houston rodeo!!
we mustn’t forget
samsung won
he’s so wrong for this
the tl freaks out when nct texts
bts 13th sin for ON
they really look like babies
😳 https://twitter.com/BTSV_supportKr/status/1240969394814980096/video/1
white night
haechan pranks doyoung by using his card to buy everyone drinks https://twitter.com/nct_fanclub/status/1241277550002749440/video/1
“we’re all going to be fine”
and johnny posted this because of the win
i’ll be waiting for the release
jaehyun said their next comeback was soon and everyone thought it was a ot21 comeback🤡 https://twitter.com/l997O2I4/status/1244167246663966721/video/1
king renjun
superm showing us what real acting is
april fools
they’re pranksters
y’all know wtf is going on
ten and yangyang family😭
the way this affected me... i can’t describe
no words
idek man
kun correcting hendery’s korean and hendery saying thank you teacher😭
since they started the vlives on april fools i really thought they were kidding when they said they would do one everyday but they came through https://twitter.com/soft4injun/status/1246323172267290624/video/1
pls this vlive was so cute😭
i- i-
April 13th SM announces that the dreamies are coming back with an album titled Reload AND it’s their last comeback as ot6 because then the team will return as ot7 with MARK and carry out activities in the form of NCT U
“now we can see each other endlessly, that’s niceee 🖤🖤
bts of the day so far
johnny and mark making a movie (the bloopers)
beautiful, extraordinary, gorgeous, talented, never been done before, magnificent, stunning
i don’t know about you guys but i truly believe this scene deserves an oscar
concert at home
crew video
Puzzle Piece🥺
april 26, a successful day for armyzens
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