Let’s show support for trans men and trans masc folks!

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I’m Rudy, a trans illustrator trying to save up money leave the South for good. Help me by donating to any of the following links.
Gofundme: http://gf.me/u/xtrwtk 
PayPal: http://paypal.me/Junga 
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“Why is this about only men?”
I’m gonna answer this ONCE and hide/block any other comment asking this.
1. This is about TRANS men.
2. Because trans men are disproportionately invisible in trans spaces, and threads like this help them be seen and get the help they need.
3. Being a trans man does not equal male privilege. Many of us don’t pass as cis or are binary trans men. We still experience misogyny and abuse, even in trans spaces. Threads like this help trans men (people like me,) even if it’s a little.
4. Trans women aren’t held to this same standard. You never see a comment on a thread about trans women saying “why is it always about trans women.” Fuck off with that double standard. Let everyone have their own threads and spaces without needing to include everyone.
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