Because I'm bored, I'll make a thread of my dream cards for the Starira girls!

Starting with Seisho!
First up, my best girl!

Jekyll and Hyde Junna!!!

I need her so badly because PANTS RIGHTS 😤✊
Beast Nana!

I couldn't scout for her on JP last year because I used my gems for Belle Junna huhu

Still the best Nana card uwu
Cinderella Mahiru!

I have no words for this, she is a goddess
Zorro Karen!

She just looks so handsome in here and I'm weak to anyone wearing a mask afsgsjflgl
Orion Hikari!

This is seriously the best Hikari card ever released and I just love her so much even though I know I don't have a chance to get her.
Tsukuyomi Claudine!

This card is so stunning, I just want her to stab me---
Zeus Maya!

Strike me with your lightning please--
Teumessian Fox Futaba!

I love foxes
Laelaps Hound Kaoruko!

And I love hounds as well
Rinmeikan next!
Teumessian Fox Tamao!

Okay, I admit that I like the Sirius set so fucking much
Laelaps Hound Rui!

You already know why
Fuma Kotaro Yuyuko!

Doesn't she look so gorgeous and badass
Tsu the Crane Fumi!

This brings out the best in Fumi and I'm in love with this card
Diaochan Ichie!

She just looks so seductive
Red Riding Hood Aruru!

She's just perfect. That's it

When will we get a Big Bad Wolf card--
Pandora Misora!

So beautiful
Cheshire Cat Tsukasa!

I LOVE Alice in wonderland so much agshsjdkflg
Count Monte Cristo Shizuha!

That look I swear
Sailor Lalafin!

Very cute and bubbly uwu
Last but definitely not the least, Siegfeld!
Artemis Akira!

The power in this card is too much
Phantom Michiru!

Like I said, I'm weak to girls wearing masks. Plus I just really love Phantom of the Opera
Little Match Girl Yachiyo!

Someone buy all her matches please, she is a beautiful girl
Belle Shiori!

Among the cards in this thread, she is the only one I actually have. Shiori needs more cards, ateam please 😤
Kung Fu Star Mei Fan!

It's perfect for her.
That's the end of the thread!
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