THREAD: i made the mistake of setting up a home plot just before midnight and now i have till 5 am to find a new villager. I have 18 nmts and am wearing my dodo shirt let's do this
Island 1: I saw an elephant and left without talking.
Island 2: i got Maelle the duck. I don't like her haircut tho.
Island 3: I also hate Rodney's smug-ass face.
Island 4: Coach seems cool but he's not the jock villager i want.
Island 5: Agent S is adorable but i have enough pep on this island.
Island 6: sorry Kidd, you're not coming with me.
Island 7: A sheep. Nope. Nope. Nope.
Island 8: The elephant looks like a caveman. Not fitting for the island image
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