Damn I knew about Jordan being one of the Q predators but Ben. I guess the Q shit is just for clout.
You do realize this has been heavily debunked. Codebreaking the Torah, exposes QAnon as a Hoax while revealing White Rabbit (Adrenocrome)
2000+yrs ago

Q Snowball Effected out of control. Then took on Anon when the NSA, CyberCom, and CentCom got control of the op 3 days into the authorized psyop through Circadia3301 hackers and the State Dept.

I did Circadia3301 solo nearly got to the final puzzle before stopping.
I've been reminding QPawns about this for 3yrs, it's been exposed as a Hoax, anyone clinging onto Q is
1. Manipulated
2. Manipulating others with videos
3. Being A YT Predator for money
4. Want Clicks
5. Are purposely pushing a Hoax

Just to be clear. All the information Q uses
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