Originally I was in the #COVID19 is "just the flu" camp. I thought the economy should stay open. Then was like, okay, maybe it is a dangerous pandemic. Now I feel stupid for changing my mind. Seems like it's been blown out of proportion.
We don't go from "the next two weeks are going to be ugly," to, curve flattened on Monday now let's talk about starting the economy up Tuesday. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but something is off. This was sensationalized for some reason. #COVID19
And I'm talking like it's past tense because supposedly the worst is behind us, going by the numbers provided. Great, but it wasn't mitigation efforts. I just don't think it was that dangerous. There was a reason beyond the virus to create the panic. #COVID19
It could be to get the FED to make QEing moves they wouldn't have made otherwise, or a setup for the election; Trump has pretty much won another term because of the virus. Or something else entirely. #COVID19
I guess we'll see. However, seems like a big nothing, where the damage done is self inflicted, but even that damage will be repaired in a couple months apparently. #COVID19
Maybe my perspective is skewed. But when it goes from doomsday to rainbows in a single weekend (last wknd), that's weird. So maybe this thread is way off base but the turnaround seems too fast to me. Maybe that will end up being the error, but this timing seems off. #COVID19
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