IndiGo has asked its staff to maintain a distance of 1 metre and prevent gathering of more than 2 people at same time

Which means the airline will operate much less check-in counters from what it did before May 24
#aviation during #COVID19
IndiGo will shift to strict zonal boarding to prevent gathering at boarding gates. Meaning max 3 rows can board at the same time

For an airline fixated on on-time performance it's a big challenge

Expect a change in the check-in time closure from current 45 mins
The airline's COO has passed a direction to temperature-check all flyers before boarding

A slight abnormal temperature & you will be denied boarding. Refunds will be issued instantly #aviation during #COVID19
Aircraft will be disinfected after every landing.
Special focus to be given on touch points like tables, arm rests, crew call-button,doors

It will use a disinfectant called Bacillol for the same
#aviation during #COVID19
In the meantime, the airline has shifted all its training modules online. Use of pictorial e-learning programs & @zoom_us app is being done to ensure ready-to-fly by 4 May

#aviation during #COVID19
IndiGo will cut its network in the initial days starting with a few domestic flights and then international

But "few" in IndiGo's scheme?
Last day of flight ban when other airlines had shrunk flights significantly, it flew 850 flights
#aviation during #COVID19
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