I went to Play-Doh’s twitter and find out that they haven’t been active since 2014... I’m sure the government has their tiny little hands involved in all of this.

[A Thread] https://twitter.com/playdoh/status/428585832291631104
To start, I went to their twitter to inquire on why their slogan is “fun to play with, not to eat.”

Since it’s “primarily a mixture of water, salt and flour” (Play-Doh FAQ) then why can’t we eat it? What are they hiding? Is the government doing something with those ingredients?
Interesting how their marketing could have focused on anything, but instead pandered to this simple detail. A brand that prides themselves in creativity could have definitely created a better logo.

And it doesn’t even taste that bad. Anyways,
Now let’s talk about the main ingredients. Water, salt, and flour.

As we know, the government has been poisoning water supplies for as long as as we can remember. Since Nixon, and even recently with Trump, Federal Water Pollution/Protect acts have been rolled back/denied.
I would guess that Play-Doh does not want our kids consuming government provided water. It’s unsafe, it’s unclean. The water is the problem.

By consuming play-doh, you are digesting the government’s negligence towards water and putting your health at risk.
Salt is also a huge component that the government has been monitoring for years.

The UK government’s mandates on salt has been linked to the deaths of hundreds as well as more than 10k cases of heart disease due to their restrictions.
Why doesn’t Play-Doh want us eating salt? Is it because it’s unsafe? No, it’s because it WILL BECOME unsafe.

The USA government’s war on salt has been unsuccessful thus far. What does the government do when they don’t get their way? They create a sob story to push their agenda.
Look at Operation Northwoods and how the government literally planned out fake terrorist attacks.

Or look at how the government poisoned alcohol during prohibition that k*lled 10k people.

They are going to poison salt. Listen to play-doh.
God knows what they’re trying to warn us about flour for. Flour is in almost anything and everything these days. Nobody’s safe. 😔
If you’ve been following me since my early days on twitter, you’d know how disgusted I am at the government’s sick desire to create animal-human hybrids.

Here is play-doh foreshadowing those type of experiments.

The government is making pig-humans and play-doh knew all along.
I have no words for this one.
The government wanted to stop Play-Doh because they were against capitalism!

🛑 ✋ 💵
And you can’t tell me they didn’t predict Trump’s election with this post from 2013. I have never seen a Rubin’s vase illusion that had Donald’s features so perfectly crafted for our discretion. What is play-doh hiding, goddammit!?
And like Play-Doh, I leave you all with owl imagery.

Owls, all seeing and knowing creatures, are synonymous with elite government societies.

Every summer rich, white, and powerful men meet at Bohemian grove to worship and burn a giant owl.

@PlayDoh knew and was silenced...
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