Today is China's National Security Education Day. Both #CarrieLam and Liaison Office head #LuoHuining published a video speech, emphasising that national security includes "public health security" - which even comes before "political security"
Moreover, #LuoHuining was rather explicit about beefing up the "national security legal system and implementation mechanism" in HK - "enact what should be enacted, amend what should be amended, activate what should be activated, execute what should be executed".
Regarding #RuleOfLaw, #LuoHuining argued that if protest violence was not punished, more will follow suit and such ”ant nests in rule of law will destroy the grand dam of national security".
#LuoHuining said justice might be lost if people rely solely on laws. He encouraged the society to "move the defence line forward" and "create a social and public opinion environment favourable to struggle against behaviours threatening HK's stability and national security"
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Maria Tam, deputy chair of the NPCSC Basic Law Committee, said "some opposition against #OCTS and the central government that was covert in the past has become increasingly obvious" in her speech.
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