Taliban Spokesman n interview with Payam-e-Afghan TV: We decreased our attacks in Afghanistan from 100 to 40 per day after signing the agreement with US&we only attack AFG Security Forces when they want to install new Checkposts, supply besieged bases&conduct clearing operations.
Taliban: Another issue is the insider attack that some Afghan security forces members attack their colleagues, killing them and escape to Taliban area with their weapons. Except what mentioned, we have controlled the war& reduced the violence in Afghanistan for progress of peace.
We also consider coronavirus crisis&it is not good time to intensify war. We are fully committed to implementation of the agreement signed with US but AFG government makes barriers towards progress of peace process. Our key principle is establishment of inclusive Islamic regime.
We will not allow the civil war to repeat in Afghanistan. Now our Mujahidin have enough power in each province of Afghanistan to control the situation there and capture the province. We avoid it now (overrunning the provinces).
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