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Total confirmed cases rising steadily, active cases doubling every 7 days.
The compound daily growth rate of total confirmed cases (from day 0 when first case reported) =13.28%
This needs to decline conclusively.
1) 5 Day Moving Median of New confirmed cases in India.
2) 5 Day Moving Median of Daily deaths in India.
1) Total confirmed cases in hotspot countries (>50K cases) and in India.
2) Total COVID deaths in countries (with >3000 deaths) and in India.
COVID death rate per million people:
1) India is low (with low growth).
2) Japan is low but growing.
3) Belgium, UK, US: high yet growing.
1) Daily deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths) and India.
2) Change in daily deaths from previous day.
This is one of my favorite graphs. It shows how total confirmed cases are distributed over active cases, recovered and deaths.
1) Germany, SKorea & Iran: flattened the curve.
2) France, Spain & Italy: beginning to flatten but with large number of deaths.
3) UK: no recoveries?
Data issues persist: discrepancies between @JohnsHopkins @WHO and @ECDC_Outbreaks
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