Naya touched on how some get into kp for the larger than life idols/perfect imagery and when some acts are deep that are also big mfs don't like it (but mfs will compliment anyone smaller with deep music in the same breathe to shade bts 💀). However what wasn't touched on was
that some don't get into kp to stan idols & have fandom fun with simple music be it lyrics or production style, they simply got into it cause they wanted to feel special. Mfs be like you don't listen to any kp act oh your missing out and at the same time will look down on western
acts when their favs are doing the same genres and dance moves + they also get mad when a kact actually gets real big like with real stats and not no made up shit from a blog page with 0 receipts. So once an act reaches a certain level of popularity and becomes an outlier with
their success and a GAP exists b/w them & all other Korean & Asian acts, suddenly the Asian/Kact isn't there's anymore to put in their back pocket and walk around like it's a unique personality trait to like something foreign and non mainstream which leads into another convo....
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