do NOT open this thread if youre weak for tattoos ,, specifically idols with tattoos
you've been warned
starting off with choi seungyoun
seungwoo's tattoos are sexc
video version of seungwoo slipping off his shirt bc his tattoos are my favourite
scratch that, baekho's tattoos are something else
i have recently discovered that jinjin/jinwoo from astro has a whole tattoo ON HIS CHEST
a video for personal reasons ft binnie trying to cover it up
another jinwoo with tattoos but make it 1team
1team's lee rubin has pretty tattoos
more of rubin's shoulder tattoo
3rd 1team member in this thread and its sungho
mark tuan please wear more muscle shirts
bambam too. i love the fact that most of got7 have tattoos
my baby choi youngjae
our not so baby yugyeom
bonus video of more yugyeom tattoos
of course we continue with the 97 line and have jeon jungkook's tattoos
you didnt think i'd forget about jimin's tattoos did you
chanyeol with tattoos ?? a concept we love
again, why didnt I know hangyul has tattoos on both shoulder blades
cant forget about song minho
i cant find good pictures but we also have woosung
HYOJONG omg hello stan dawn please its what he deserves
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