Batman is constantly overcoming his own darkness. He doesn't always handle his demons in a healthy way but he survives. Sometimes the only thing you can do is survive and Batman excels at surviving trauma. There is something beautiful and hopeful about that darkness.
Over the course of his career as a vigilante, Batman has opened his heart to so many people. He still carries his trauma and insists he works better alone but he actually doesn't. And Bruce knows that but he also gets lost in his own head. I relate to him in that way.
Most people know I love Batman but a lot of people don't know why and the truth is my depression looks like Bruce Wayne. I have a bad temper, I would rather work alone, and I get so lost in my own head I forgot there are people around me who love me.
But also like Batman, I am also a survivor. Seeing a character break over and over again only to get back up and keep going, even if they are not the same as when they fell matters. It matters because trauma changes you and it changed me, and Batman.
Is Batman the hopeful character Superman is? No, but he gives me more hope than Superman because I see myself in him. I see myself in his dark and broody nature. I will never see myself in Clark. That is why Batman gives me hope.
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