1. Antarctica is melting now
2. The Amazon tipping point is here
3. Corals are being killed now
4. Arctic feedback chaos is here
5. Insect extinction is now
6. Pollinator annihilation is here
7. Fertile soil is vanishing now

with staggering consequences for humanity.
The collapse of Antarctic ice is now irrefuckingversible.

See thread:
The collapse of the Amazon Rainforest is looking pretty irrefuckingversible as well.

Will it be on the path to total destruction by the end of the decade?

Could be...
The death of all corals?

Irrefuckingversible. 😭
Arctic feedback chaos? Permafrost thaw? Albedo madness?

Irrefuckingversible my friends.
At least a million species are heading towards extinction and most of those are insects.

Extinction is certainly irrefuckingversible.

How many species will capitalism wipe out?
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