What's that @peterdaou ...
Your silence is deafening.
I like Bernie's platform for #GreenNewDeal #FightForFifteen #MedicareForAll (w/ caveat support of transitioning through a public option & expansion of #ACA #preexisting
protection & #Medicaid expansion)
#UniteBlue https://twitter.com/CadillacRiver/status/1250168818095120384
We must remember that #MedicareForAll #FightForFifteen #GreenNewDeal #studentloans relief, #housingcrisis #reproductiverights #SCOTUS appointments aren't mutually exclusive to #BernieSanders #UniteBlue
Unfortunately, too many of the extremists for #BernieSanders2020 (not all) appear to have the same end game as Trump supporters. They want a monarchy style presidency. A president who dictates the agenda. Democracies & #publicpolicy don't work like that.
This is where many younger, #idealist are being used. Elders, who should know better, urging them to remain disenfranchised, in hopes that someday, a Plato's #philosopher #king will rule benignly from above. Much as Trump supporters embrace his authoritarianism, to get their way
#Democracy isn't a winner take all venture. It's a coming together of public concensus. An exchange of ideas. With consideration of complex solutions, for a complex set of problems. One size doesn't fit all. It's messy, it's dirty, imperfect, but it's still the best game in town.
Thank you @SenWarren @amyklobuchar @PeteButtigieg @KamalaHarris @CoryBooker @AndrewYang @TomSteyer @MikeBloomberg @BernieSanders @JoeBiden for your service and participating in supporting a more inclusive #abetteridea to move the country forward together #TogetherWeCan #UniteBlue
We just need to have the fortitude and conviction to stay United. Not let the perils, pitfalls of ideological differences lead us into inadvertently enabling the temptations of nationalism, authoritarianism to undermine the very existence of our great #DemocraticRepublic @AOC
@AOC Thank you, for supporting #UniteBlue People know you continue to fight for progress re: education, housing , income inequality, healthcare, the environment, systemic racism. Together, we can all build on #betterideas Kudos to @SpeakerPelosi as well. (end thread)
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