does anyone want to learn calculus i want to practice teaching
ooo i wanna make a survey (one for students, one more in-depth one for educators??) about math education and I want to spread it like crazy and look at the results and discuss w education people and do trials of specific ways of teaching etc?????? me dumb can not explain on twt
now especially would be a good time because educators are already havin to reflect on their teaching styles and their students' success

also everyone is at home and would have time to do survey/interview/etc hehe
oh like i just had that idea this was absolutely not what i intended this thread to be uhhhhhhh
dissecting america's STEM education procedures and policies sounds like sort of a sociology thing and u know what's kind of like sociology? psychology. @alisonshiding want to do some uhhh FUNdergrad research ? haha? i made funny joke????
well as great as all of STEM would be (considering some states allow creationism to be taught??) math is the more infamous subject among students so

also given the nature of math it has to be taught carefully or everyone gets fucked up and. y'all know how much US education sucks
i am Procrastinating
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