Welcome to #COVIDchat. Tonight, we're discussing a conversation @WPeriyasamy & I had with Dr. @BurgartBioethix about disability & rationing care during #COVID19. This is a difficult topic – please mute the hashtag tonight if you need to. https://twitter.com/mattbc/status/1250176433227350017
(It's particularly important that when we're discussing difficult issues like rationing, we use the #COVIDchat hashtag to give folks the option of opting out of the conversation by using the "mute a hashtag" feature of twitter)
Tonight's conversation is really carrying on a discussion that #COVIDchat began with Professor @sbagen, back on March 27th. Sam is one of :the: leading legal experts on the civil rights of disabled folks in this country. https://twitter.com/mattbc/status/1243593833901744128?s=20
Q1: We find ourselves in the midst of this debate Dr @BurgartBioethix describes over who gets resources when there aren't enough resources to go around

How do you feel about how that wider public debate has gone so far? Do you feel like disabled folks are represented? #COVIDchat
Q2: Here, (after my very snarky question), Dr. Burgart describes a hypothetical lottery system for rationing scarce resources, like ventilators.

How do you think abled-society would feel about a lottery? And why do you think they might feel whichever-way? #COVIDchat
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