Cutting funding to @WHO at this moment is an extraordinarily bad idea

President's #1 job is keep Americans safe during pandemic

Hobbling @WHO will undoubtedly make Americans less safe.

It will make it harder to keep our economy open

It will, over the long run, make us weaker

We may think we don't "need" @WHO but much of the developing world does. They rely on WHO expertise.

If others are less effective in fighting the pandemic, they become sources of infection spread for the world.

A disease outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere
Did we really not learn this lesson from the outbreak in China? It spread to the rest of the world.

That's what happens in a highly inter-connected world.

Now we want to hobble other countries' efforts to fight the disease by punishing WHO?
yes, @WHO is imperfect and we should hold it to account for missteps in the way it dealt with China.

But now is not the time.

It will make the world worse off.

It will make America worse off.

This is an extraordinarily bad decision.

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