Will overall UK deaths rise as a result of the #coronavirus ? Measuring deaths from ALL causes is the only way to remove measurement bias. We can’t know #COVID19 deaths accurately because we can’t accurately attribute deaths to the disease... /1

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... and we can’t measure denominators (symptomatic patients or infected people) accurately because the basis of diagnosis changes, we can’t be sure when symptoms prove COVID-19 and we can’t blood-test the whole population... /2

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... But if this thing is going to change our population, total deaths will rise. And if they don’t, it’s not.

So here goes. All graphs compare total deaths in a calendar week against average deaths for the equivalent week for the previous 5 years. /3

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National death rate just took a dramatic upturn.

In the week ending 3 April (data fresh out today), we would have expected to lose around ten thousand people. We lost SIXTEEN thousand. /4

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These extra deaths are heavily biased towards the old.

•Among people in the top two age bands (75+), deaths are up by 60%.
•They’re up 55% for ages 45-64.
•There is no noticeable change below age 45. /5

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The rise in deaths is particularly high for men.

Total male deaths up by:
•85+yrs old: about 75%
•75+ year olds: 80%
•45-64 yrs old: 65%
•Below age 45: no noticeable change. /6

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(It turns out that #COVID19 is disproportionately hitting men more than most do. Three quarters of critical #CoronaVirus patients in hospital are male, cf critical cases of viral pneumonia in recent years, where only a bit over a half have been men.) /7

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Less dramatic age profile of deaths in females.

•Total female deaths up about 45% from age 45
•Within this age band, deaths are biased towards older females less than they are in men
•No noticeable change below age 45. /8

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London now devastatingly hit; rest of the nation catching up.

•London has far and away the greatest increase in deaths. Wk ending 3 Apr saw *two and a half times* the avg number of Londoners dying in the same week over past 5 years... /9

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All regions of England and Wales are now catching up.

•All now show increased deaths of 35-70% on a typical value for this calendar week.
•Last week, only London and South East showed changes above 10% of the previous year’s average /10

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More analysis to follow shortly, including some telling early insights into what lies ahead of us, incl duration of crisis, impact on society.

Questions welcome. Follow for more. DMs open. /11 ENDS

#COVID19 #CoronaVirus #CoronaVirusUK #CoronaCrisisUK
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