@MIT we need to talk..!

since when did @techreview turn into a biased political mud-slinging and fake propaganda-spreading hit job machine all under the guise of being a technology insights tracker and magazine?

Headline says one thing while the content entirely different thing https://twitter.com/techreview/status/1250163010745839616
While she praised high literacy rate, she cleverly concealed that Kerala is also the #ISIS hub of India thanks to the #Muslim apologist #Left Government glove in hand with radical #Islamists & that a recent #TabhligiJamaat in Delhi was the #SingleSource of #COVID spread in India
When France, Italy praise their doctors, support staff it was amazing , when India does the same thing suddenly hell broke loose

The very same #Capitalist hating #Communist #Leftist #Hypocrite @vijayanpinarayi flew to US in 2018 to get “some mysterious treatment” despite having “world class facilities & nurses” right here in Kerala
Then comes a rant citing yet another fake news about India’s planned construction of new Parliament buildings and that #Modi was more concerned about that than tackling #COVID thus he delayed announcement of #Lockdown

What kind of a moron would lie like that?
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