I relate to 90% of what @SiyaBeyile has gone through, I was diagnosed with dysthymia which is a form of depression late last year but I think it started long time before and I only noticed it last year. I find myself also chasing the next huge thing in the pursuit of happiness
but immediately after I get that certain big thing I'm off to the next. Lately I ask myself questions that go "what if I drink all my antidepressants?" "will it help end the pain I'm feeling inside?" I resort to these questions when I'm at my lowest and totally helpless.
I use schoolwork as a tool to take my mind off things and looking at the bright side this has helped because my schoolwork is exceptional if I have to say so myself but until when will I have to escape my worst nightmare? I'm the first in my family to be in varsity, my single...
...mother and lil brother are looking up to me to be successful and be the saviour but at the same time I want to end it all in order to end the pain I'm feeling deep down. I don't know how to end this thread, I guess I'll just say thanks @SiyaBeyile for making that Podcast.
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