1/5 These times have been challenging for all, but they can be especially hard for kids. Daily routines have been turned upside down and things kids have been most looking forward to have been cancelled.
#COVID19 #COVIDCoping #StayAtHome
2/5 As for us - it is for them, silence & secrets do not protect children, but honesty & openness do. There are things we can do to help build resilience, like talking to kids & reassuring them that they are safe. #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller #COVID19
3/5 Open discussion helps kids to sort fact from fiction, to look for ways of having some control, and to be mindful of their media consumption.
#COVID19 #COVIDCoping #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller
4/5 Continue to show children how to express gratitude for the efforts of everyone helping us get through this time, from #HealthCareHeros working to keep Canadians healthy, while saving lives on the front lines of #COVID19👩‍⚕️🧑‍⚕️🏥🚑
5/5 To the #EssentialWorkers keeping grocery stores, pharmacies & hospitals open and stocked. This is a living lesson in the many roles people play all across 🇨🇦 to keep our society running. #COVID19 #AttitudeofGratitude
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