As of today. #Coronavirustruth , #COVID19 , #COVIDー19
Since we know hospitals were told to use #COVID19 as the cause of death even if the patients had ore-existing conditions, the U.S. numbers are pretty inflated. Keep reading:
Farmers are destroying crops, milk is being poured down the drain, flowers 4 Mother’sDay being destroyed.
Contemplate this. Where will your canned goods, fresh vegetables, meat, chicken, eggs, come from next fall?
Biblical? A loaf of bread and a fish. Read John 6:11.
/The End
Watch the water has Dual Meanings right now...Our oceans look cleaner... clear blue... so does our Environment.
Compare #COVID19 , #COVIDー19 , #coronavirus to other HEALTH ISSUES.
139,520 “Seasonal Flu” Deaths have been reported.
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Depleting our country of its own resources will have horrific ramifications when Food prices skyrocket this Fall. U think the #COVID19 , #COVIDー19 , #coronavirus is bad now? Wait until ppl are starving b/c Farmers have been paid not to Farm. Yes, that’s happening.
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See the graph of Closed cases? The virus is starting to even out. #COVID19 , #COVIDー19 .
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There have been 26,959 Communicable Disease Deaths just TODAY.
1,010 SEASONAL FLU DEATHS. Why doesn’t that matter?
#COVID19 , #COVIDー19 , #CoronaVirusUpdate .
#Control, #BillGates, #BioTerrorism #WHO comes to mind.
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No one talks about the 96% of the population that only has mild cases of #COVID19 , #COVIDー19 ...and 79% who have recovered or that have been discharged from the hospital.
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Shouldn’t we also worry about the 23,206 people who have died from HUNGER just TODAY??
#COVID19 , #COVIDー19 , #coronavirus
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