When the GENOME SEQUENCING announcement was made, I wasn't as excited as some of my friends. I saw it basically as identifying the fingerprints of a thief but being unable to stop him because you don't have what it takes.

Our researchers are smart.
Our scientists are brilliant.
Our innovators are gifted.
Our system is messed up!!!

1. Our research institutions have been doing hand-to-mouth for years.

2. Noguchi is largely dependent on externally funded research grants for supplies and equipment.
3. To the best of my understandg, GENOME SEQUENCING in #Ghana didn't start with COVID-19...but we're all excited bcos we probably heard it 4 the 1st time last wk.

4. The genetic information in the sequences includes the code for the virus coat protein used in vaccine production.
5. How resourced are our researchers to go beyond the sequencing to work on a vaccine?

6. Last year I had the opportunity to spend time with different research scientists at different institutions.
7. Our scientists, researchers and innovators can make things happen if we pay attention to them.

8. We cannot continue to pay SALARIES and utilities only and expect our researchers to work at the same rate of say those at Johns Hopkins.
Agorɔ wɔ ne limit.

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