And this is why I left FW.

Andy is a deplorable pig with no respect for women and is going to tank a great brand because of that or reporting news that goes against what the facts really are. I refused to be a part of it and go down with ship by reporting falsehoods
Read the article. The tone is just condescending and really makes me doubt he has any sources. In general, FandomWire has lacked those sort of connections and its why I spent my last year or so on the staff refusing to report on "exclusives." I wasn't risking my credibility.
I also wanted to set a positive example for how to write news to junior staff writers and uphold the brand's credibility because I legitimately think the premise of it when I came on board had potential. It still does, but the leadership has got to put ethics first and fame last.
Sometimes, you don't need to be the first scoop because there's a lot you can get wrong. We saw this with the initial reports on Kobe Bryant's death. Everyone jumped to be first before compiling accurate details.
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