This is funny from the dementia/Alzheimer’s narrative perspective

But also the one where Sleepy Joe heard “I’m indicting you, Joe”

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For anyone who hasn’t seen this 10 part series I highly recommend you give it a watch:

You’ll have to search for part 5 of the series elsewhere, as the media manipulating/controlling mongrels removed it from her channel, once you watch it you’ll see why.
... followed by this fantastic documentary featuring two Hollywood(Pedowood) good guys who worked their way up as stunt men into directing positions.

If you search for it on YT it’s not at the top for a reason.

#Q #QAnon #WWG1WGA
Going to bed looking at the analytics of this thread seeing that 21,000+ people saw this, and 1,500+ interacted with this. I will continue to post more of my findings and more bread crumbs for those searching for the truth to follow until they find it for themself.
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