My turn in the crucible: Getting ready to ask Trump questions in the Rose Garden briefing today.
A group of individuals just seated themselves in the press area ahead of reporters in the Rose Garden.

We’re told these seats are for the president’s supporters, which is unorthodox.
New: Trump just announced he’s halting funds to WHO as a result of approach to coronavirus.

Says US has a duty to accountabilty and WHO’s opposition to travel bans he implemented was a “disastrous decision.”

It put “political correctness above life-saving measures,” Trump said.
Continuing to buck governors who say the decision is up to them, Trump says he will be authorizing each state to reopen economy “in a time and a manner that is appropriate.”
I asked Trump why we haven’t seen data he promised in coming days on coronavirus’ disproportionate impact on black Americans

Trump says “we’re working on it” and it will be out “within two weeks.”
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