1/ “A prominent Democratic lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is threatening to sue the state of Nevada unless it immediately suspends prosecutions for ballot harvesting before the June 9 primary, among a slew of other demands” #Qanon https://twitter.com/juliansrum/status/1250160120501342213
2/ “In his letter, Elias argued that "many Nevada voters will not be able to return their mail-in ballots themselves and do not have family members – or are separated from these family members because of social distancing – who can do so for them." #Qanon
3/ “‘We ask that your office and the office of the Nevada Attorney General immediately announce a suspension of prosecutions under this statute for all elections for which mail-in balloting will be the primary means of voting in the state,’ Elias said.” #Qanon
4/ “At the same time, Elias called for Nevada to stop throwing out ballots when signatures on voters' ballots appear different from those on voters' registrations, saying ‘lay election officials have never had the necessary expertise’ to make an accurate determination.” #Qanon
5/ “Elias also demanded that Nevada ‘require mail-in ballots be sent to all registered voters in Nevada, not just those in an active status.’ Elias asserted that state election law doesn't distinguish between the two categories of voters.” #Qanon
6/ “Elias, among other things, is known for his role hiring private research firm Fusion GPS to probe Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign – efforts which resulted in the discredited anti-Trump dossier.” #Qanon

End #Qanon https://twitter.com/marceelias/status/1247287092633317377
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