1. Are Governors bound by Military Law? They control state National Guard units!

POTUS = Commander in Chief
Governor = ?

If a Governor creates a Sanctuary state they're threatening and hurting National Security by aiding and protecting criminals.

Is that Treason? Is it Mutiny?
3. Section 94 is inside USC 10, Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Some federal sections similar to Section 94:

Title 18, chapter 115.
2381 treason.
2382 misprison of treason. 2383 rebellion or insurrection. 2384 seditious conspiracy. 2385 advocating overthrow of government.
4. I've seen lots of Anons post "Article 94 - Mutiny" for Andrew Cuomo.


"New York Military Law" -section 130.90, applicable to anybody serving in or under the authority of the New York Guard. It's their section to define mutiny or sedition. Punishable by "court martial".
5. Each state has their own "Guard". Some state militia/guard units assembled BEFORE the US Army was founded meaning they had laws long before the UCMJ appeared. Each state governs their Guard with laws specifically made for them...and SOMETIMES, for those who COMMAND THEM too.
6. Not always, but usually, it's only when a Guard unit is activated by POTUS for federal service under Title 10 that they begin falling under UCMJ jurisdiction. Some state Guard Units or "militias", are older than the US Army. However, once activated, they're all under the UCMJ.
7. There are actually many legal statutes a person may be subject to:
City, County, State, Federal, State Military, Federal Military, Maritime, Family, Civil, Vehicle, International, Corporate, Tax, Health and Welfare, etc.

How many of those contain a section on Mutiny?
8. I only wrote this thread to make sure we remember to remain humble and not to try and put POTUS in a box. We may be missing so much. Any and all avenues capable of being used by President Trump will be used by President Trump to drain the swamp.

But, there's more to the UCMJ.
9. I wrote an exhaustive thread just under 1 year ago about the changes Trump made to what's called "The Manual for Court's Martial" or, MCM. It's what gives the UCMJ it's power, guidance, jurisdiction, application, definitions, etc.

Every president since 1984 has edited it.
10. It was Trump's changes that opened a whole new door. He edited the MCM and UCMJ to ensure certain "non-military" people can now fall under its jurisdiction. He also provided assurances of fair representation to civilians who are tried by the military. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1129606979062603776?s=19
11. One area of note; Attorney General William Barr can now refer federal charges to the military and have THEM prosecute cases instead of the DOJ and civilian courts. The maximum punishments allowed by the MCM for treason and mutiny is death.

The more you know.


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