Rant Post-A thread
Disclaimer: This post applies to the firefighters in my country and you shouldn't feel offended by it unless you are one of these firefighters.
Not saying all of them are that useless, just saying the ones from my country are.
Tuesday, another day stuck at home in my room. I suddenly hear a boom, like something exploded. It sounded far away so I didn't pay head to it but then I saw my father running outside. I looked into the camera and voila, a fire on the other side of our property. It had no house+
On it and the owners were living in a foreign country for many years. The fire was big and my father ran immediately. There were 2 cars parked on that side, which could've been exploded if the fire got nearer than it already was. The 2 cars were moved away in great speed.+
The neighbors were dosing it meanwhile. My family did too. The fire gets contained. But do you know what's missing in this thread? Firefighters. Useless. A complete waste of tax money.
The neighbors said they called them and one of the responses they got was a lady asking them+
If it was needed that the fire department went to the fire location. Like what the actual fck. It's a scandal that they asked that question seeing as there have been multiple pictures of houses being burnt down and the fire department being there, starring af if saying it's+
And act of God. Okay nvm. The fire department still gets called, the neighborhood doing their best to fully doze off the fire. An hour passes, no sign of the fire department. The most infuriating fact? The fire department is 5minutes away IF you aren't driving in a hurry.
The fire may have been on an empty property but it was surrounded by wooden houses+2 cars. If the neighborhood waited on the fire department then the damage would've cost us all deeply.
So yeah, a big thank you to the fire department for being a complete waste of tax money.
I hope karma bites you back really hard.
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