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I HATE the argument that students shouldn’t be paid when they have a job through ASUNM...

These students are hardworking individuals and need a job just as much as any other student.

This is similar to saying that unpaid internships are accessible to everyone.
If you don’t pay students that have jobs within ASUNM- you are worsening the issue and not fighting for inclusivity.

This causes only a certain demographic of students to get involved- because only a certain demographic of people are able to get involved and have unpaid jobs.
YES, this money is from your student government fee.

But, students pay upwards of $984 (block rate- $65.66 a credit hour) in student fees that go to many places- but some also goes to student jobs all across campus, such as resouce centers and ethnic centers.
Making the argument that students should not be paid within ASUNM only stops certain people from getting involved. This stops those that HAVE to work during their time as student.

Additionally, these jobs are no different than student jobs who work at CAPs, Johnson Center, etc.
Not to mention the ASUNM student government fee also pays for our office manager to have a job.

Not paying jobs in ASUNM would strip yet another person that works hard at her full time job and take away her livelihood.
Furthermore- your argument isn’t about IF these students should have paid jobs within ASUNM, your argument is about WHO is getting these jobs.

Yet, you cannot put students that are normally involved into a single model and expect all backgrounds to be the same or assume SES.
I know for a fact that many of these students- despite their affiliation with ANY student organization- would be unable to be as involved, have a job, or help create an experience at the University without being paid.
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